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Zack, successful - through real Swiss YouTube Views.

Your YouTube videos have canvas potential? But somehow it hasn't really "clicked" yet?

Even if you dance like Michael Jackson or your voice rivals any nightingale, it's often difficult to get many real Swiss YouTube views in the beginning.

Or not. We at Youboost know how to generate more clicks on YouTube right from the start - with the concentrated know-how of our Google Ads certified employees. Without any hocus-pocus or lazy tricks. That's a promise.

  • Vorteile
      • Increase visibility & reach
      • Strengthen credibility
      • Generate interest & trust from new viewers
      • Improve brand image
      • Gain recognition
      • Increase revenue and sales
      • Benefit from the domino effect of constantly growing click numbers
  • Term & Delivery

      Set yourself how long we can support you with more clicks on YouTube. The term starts at two days and ends whenever you want.

      Your order with us pays off quickly. Because after successful receipt of payment, we set up the campaign within six hours. As soon as Google & YouTube give us the GO! shortly afterwards, the views start.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

      How are YouTube views generated?
      The views are generated through YouTube ads. For this we always work in the sense of the algorithm and with the tool Google Ads, which is supported by YouTube.

      Are these real YouTube views?
      The ads are broadcast exactly where your target audience from your country of choice sees them. They are 100% real views.

      Can buying YouTube clicks harm my YouTube channel?
      We only broker legitimate views from real people. Therefore, we 100% guarantee that your YouTube channel cannot be harmed or blocked by buying YouTube views.

      What is the watchtime of each YouTube view?
      We guaranteed a watchtime of at least 30 seconds, during which your video will be viewed by real people. Our experience shows that the watchtime for a music video, for example, is over two minutes.

      You can find more questions in our FAQs.

Buy YouTube clicks – Switzerland

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Product info

A smart idea that you Swiss Buy YouTube clicks want. Because of that give your YouTube videos an ingenious engagement boost right from the start – without spending weeks in the shadow of the competition or struggling with self-doubt because the number of clicks is not really increasing despite great content.

As soon as you fill out the input mask, you are one click ahead of others with Youboost. Then ONLY with us you can add your view number and the desired country Define the target group even more specifically - for yet more effective advertisements.

Generate these targeted marketing measures more clicks on YouTube, real people look at you or attention to your offer and create real interaction – as well as a guaranteed watch time of at least 30 seconds. The remaining retention time depends on the quality of your videos.

Again, this has one positive effect on the YouTube algorithm. A popular video is accordingly ranked higher, which leads to a higher playout and more Swiss YouTube Views causes. This also increases trust in your videos and channel. The perfect base for automatic / organic further increasing number of clicks.

Is there anything better? Now if you do this YouTube Views Kaufen with the Buying YouTube Likes connect, enjoy the all-round starter package.

  • YouTube Klicks kaufen | YOUBOOST Rezensionen 5 Stern | YouTube Marketing

    Marcel from Mannheim

    «YouBoost is a top service! Absolutely serious, great advice for a campaign. Available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. Requests are carried out immediately! Here you feel comfortable when it comes to promoting your own channel! Keep it up!"

  • YouTube Klicks kaufen | YOUBOOST Rezensionen 5 Stern | YouTube Marketing

    Michael Rippas

    Unrivaled! It actually works, and it does so in a pleasantly simple and efficient way.

  • YouTube Klicks kaufen | YOUBOOST Rezensionen 5 Stern | YouTube Marketing

    Alexander Flohr

    Completely satisfied! I've been using this service for 2 months now and I'm completely satisfied. The number of clicks is great and above all you have a contact person. I can only recommend!

  • YouTube Klicks kaufen | YOUBOOST Rezensionen 5 Stern | YouTube Marketing

    Frank Markus

    Gave my Videos a real push, way more YouTube Views than the one I bought.... this Service makes absolute sense. And a cool Team by the way.

  • Ready for the click of your life?

    We know what the second largest search engine in the world stands for and how you can achieve more clicks on YouTube: with campaigns that are precisely tailored to your target group.

    Starting at EUR 29.90 you get real views through a strategic mix of different display formats: 

    TrueView In-Stream

    TrueView Discovery

    Outstream Video Ads

    Bumper Ads

  • YouTube Klicks kaufen | YOUBOOST Laptop | YouTube Marketing