YouTube-Views kaufen: Wie kann man bei YouTube mehr Klicks bekommen?

Buy YouTube Views: How to Get More Clicks on YouTube?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your visibility on YouTube is to buy real YouTube views. However, there are other important aspects that you should definitely consider if you want to build a successful YouTube channel.


1. Content is king - also on YouTube

Whether it's a tutorial, image film or explanatory video: high-quality and relevant content is crucial to get more YouTube-Likes to obtain. In order to be able to offer your viewers real added value, you have to get to know your target group.

Know your target audience

Before you buy YouTube clicks, you should optimally tailor your content to the desired target group. Ask yourself if your channel really speaks to the people you want to reach. Instead of me-centric content, viewers prefer content that resonates with them personally. Topics with high search traffic potential are of particular interest.

Focus on niche topics

Regardless of whether you decide to do it, purposefully YouTube-Views To buy or not: In order to be successful on YouTube, non-mainstream topics are ideal. Because in this area is the competition significantly lower. To conquer niche topics are high-quality and attractively designed videos The A and O.

Tip: At the same time, YouTubers from the DACH region can also buy real German YouTube views. This way you can drastically increase your visibility in a short period of time.

 YouTube-Views kaufen: Content ist King

2. Attention is everything!

In order to generate a significant number of YouTube views, you must be able to attract the attention of users. That's why it's a good idea to buy YouTube views, especially at the beginning, and also to optimize the presentation of your content.

Create an appropriate video description

A successful YouTube video also includes an appropriate video description. This description is important in order for viewers to be able to find your content. At the same time, it encourages your visitors to actually watch the video.

Choose a suitable thumbnail

Regardless of whether you buy real German YouTube views or not: A suitable thumbnail should not be missing. This thumbnail should be eye-catching and match your content. It gives your viewers a rough idea of what the video is about. And it encourages them to click on the video.

Score with a channel trailer

It is optimal if your viewers not only watch one of your videos, but subscribe directly to your channel. Therefore, you should not only buy individual German YouTube views, but also skilfully present your channel: Start with a film trailer and only then explain what makes your YouTube channel so special. Finally, ask your viewers to subscribe to the channel.

Decide on a catchy video title

In addition to the trailer and thumbnail, the title also has a major impact on how often the video is clicked. A good video title should be memorable and encourage clicks. This is by no means about Clickbaits. It is much more important that you build trust with the chosen titles and address your target group. This allows you to gain additional followers.

Use topic-related YouTube tags

Although YouTube tags seem negligible at first glance, it is worth investing the few seconds to create them. They make it easier for users to find your content. In the tags should Main keyword and other relevant keywords occurrence.

Optimize your channel info - including header image and portfolio

Your channel description is the most important touch point with your viewers. Regardless of whether you buy YouTube views or not: a well-founded description helps potential followers to inform about your channel and to inspire trust. Call out to the community here communication and interaction on why a Call-to-Action should not be missing either.

Adding a header image and a portfolio will make your channel extra interesting. The image should appeal to your audience and match the YouTube channel. The portfolio, in turn, is an easy and convenient way to learn about your content.

YouTube-Views kaufen: Aufmerksamkeit ist alles!

3. Get more traffic - with the right tricks

Whether in Germany or in other parts of the world: Buying YouTube clicks is a first step towards generating more traffic on the platform. However, that is not enough.

Create playlists - and optimize them

Creating a playlist is one of the best ways to drive extra traffic. Based on a specific video, you present viewers with additional, similar content. This encourages people to stay on your channel. Another advantage: When the video ends, YouTube automatically plays the next video.

forums and blog posts

Another way to increase your traffic is to share your videos on forums or blog posts. Your target group usually asks numerous questions there, which you can then explain particularly well with media content. An important benefit of this is that most people would rather watch videos than read long texts. So instead of just buying YouTube clicks, it pays to be present in forums and blogs.

SEO: improve your Google ranking

For the best possible placement in the result lists from Google and Co relevante Keywords and quality content essential.

The reason for this is that the search engines show not only text and images but also videos in the search results. Therefore, rely on valuable, optimized video content. These include, among other things time stamp, which noticeably simplify navigation through long content. In addition, each point in time receives a label that you can use for your SEO purposes. Also, make sure you only buy YouTube views from reputable providers.

YouTube Klicks kaufen: Mehr Traffic erzielen - mit den richtigen Tricks


4. End screens and end cards

Endscreens and endcards are small video thumbnails that you can display at the end of your videos. They are an easy and convenient way to get direct access to the next content. Clicking on the end cards will play the displayed video. This will increase your watch time and leave you wanting more at the same time.


5. Show YouTube ads: For more engaged views

Another option to get more views legally: placing YouTube ads. However, this requires a certain budget (a cost per view (CPV) of 0.08-0.15 euros can be expected). By the Embedding ads the watch time also increases. One longer watch time turns simple views into engaged views and increases the relevance of your content.

We at YOUBOOST generate the YouTube views exclusively via YouTube ads. Thanks to our many years of experience and an enormous amount of data from target groups, we get a significantly cheaper CPV of 0.015 - 0.059 euros, depending on the amount that has to be generated.

YouTube Klicks kaufen: YouTube-Anzeigen schalten: Für mehr Engaged-Views

6. Last but not least: buy YouTube views and clicks

Buying YouTube views is a legal and reliable way to increase your visibility in no time. It is important that you choose a reputable provider. Youboost GmbH is your reliable YouTube partner when it comes to providing additional visibility with YouTube clicks.

Take a look at our Services or take direct Contact up with us.

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