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YouTube Ads to Generate YouTube Clicks - Formats, Benefits and Costs

YouTube Marketing - that's how it works and that's what makes it happen

On YouTube, users can watch videos or upload their own videos. The platform itself can be used free of charge. Anyone interested in the news of a particular channel can subscribe to it. Movie trailers, series, documentaries, films, music videos, shows and user-created films and videos can be viewed on this portal.
Anyone watching the video on YouTube can comment, like or dislike the video to rate, share, add or report the video. In Germany alone, more than 30 million people watch videos on YouTube every month. Therefore, a channel is ideal if you want to advertise in a targeted manner. The costs of YouTube are still manageable. Anyone who looks at YouTube from the outside will immediately notice that there is great potential to generate new customers with advertising. The target group includes pretty much all ages and the user numbers are huge. Before we go into more detail about advertising on YouTube, let's first get some basic facts about YouTube to unveil its potential for you.
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Facts about YouTube - this is what it looks like!

Before we get back to YouTube Marketing, let's look at YouTube's numbers.
  • Approximately 61% of all viewers who use YouTube in a month are aged 35 or older
  • YouTube now has more than 2 billion users, which covers almost a third of all internet users
  • 95% of ads on YouTube can be heard and seen
  • 1.9 billion users worldwide visit YouTube every month
  • In Germany, mobile transmission time has more than doubled in the last two years
  • By 2021, 82% of internet traffic will be video
  • More than half of daily calls are made from mobile devices
Anyone who sees these numbers knows how powerful this platform actually is. But in order to be seen, you also need views. But how do you get more clicks on YouTube?

Advertise on YouTube

In order to get more clicks on YouTube, the platform itself provides so-called advertisements. You can of course publish your own advertising on YouTube in the sense of a video that you upload. However, you can also integrate your ads into existing channels that are used by many people. There are different ways that YouTube differentiates.

Number 1: In the pre-roll
This is an ad that starts before the YouTube video. With this form of advertising, users become very attentive as they wait for the video that they really wanted to start. You can place your ad exclusively as a pre-roll and accordingly receive a lot of attention. When the content of your ad matches the theme of the video content the user selects, it reinforces the product you are promoting. By placing the pre-roll in a format that fits the topic, you can generate valuable contacts.

Number 2: In the mid-roll
Interstitial ads break up a video on YouTube just like TV ads break up a feature film. To serve mid-roll ads, YouTube ads must be of appropriate length. At the beginning of the ad, the user sees a brief ad separator, but the viewer cannot simply skip the video. The higher the quality of the video on YouTube, the more commercial its image will bring and attract a lot of attention. You should make sure that the promotional video is neither too long nor too short, otherwise users will get annoyed and give the advertised product a bad rating.

Number 3: In the post-roll
When a video ends on YouTube, the post-roll ad appears as an ad format. Here the audience is still very attentive, because the Post-Post follows directly after the video. Therefore, it is important that ads attract users, otherwise they will just click on the video. This form of advertising is also often used to thank sponsors for their commitment.

The advantages of YouTube

All these display options can bring more clicks on YouTube. Accordingly, YouTube marketing is a powerful tool that can help a company, but YouTube itself also brings other benefits. The great advantage of YouTube advertising is that you only incur costs if your video ads actually generate user interest. With a lot of attention and increasing demand, the visibility of a brand or a product can be greatly improved. Video campaigns offer many opportunities to influence and target relevant audiences. So-called TrueView displays can be used for this. Fees only apply if the video is viewed for at least 30 seconds, has been viewed completely to the end or the user interacts with the video, e.g. B. clicks on a call-to-action button (e.g. "go to the website"). Unlike time-limited bumpers, which are only 6 seconds long, you can also broadcast longer content, such as entire stories. But what options does YouTube Marketing offer the user to get the advertising across in the best possible way?

Other advertising formats on YouTube

YouTube doesn't just differentiate between formats based on the time of the overlay. The portal also offers other different advertising formats. We have dealt with these and have prepared an overview for you.
  • Overlay Ads: With this form of advertising, a so-called banner with advertising information is placed on the actual video. Because overlay ads look like still images with no sound, this form of advertising significantly reduces your chances of conveying information to customers. On the other hand, the cost of this type of YouTube promotion is much lower. You only pay when the user actually clicks on the graphic.
  • TrueView: This can be used as a pre, mid or post roll. The message itself lasts at least 30 seconds. In this commercial, you should convince your potential customers as quickly and sensitively as possible, because users can skip the ad after 5 seconds during the roll.
  • Corporate Vlogs: A vlog is a blog in the form of videos. With the VLog you can give your customers a first deep insight into your everyday life. You can show how you make products or develop new ideas. When you work, customers look at you from their shoulders and make you feel like you stand behind your product.
  • Product-Placement: If you want to draw the user's attention to your product while preserving your image, then product placement is probably a more indirect strategy. With this form of advertising, the stars of YouTube act as influencers and present their products to the audience. Therefore, you can take advantage of the influence and seriousness of YouTube stars.
Now we have already explained some methods to generate more reach on YouTube, but that was not all. There is another method to attract users' interest and that is buying YouTube Views. How exactly this works and what it brings follows now.
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Buy everything about YouTube Views

Buying YouTube views is sometimes associated with bad things, but it actually does a lot. But why do you need these YouTube views at all?
Why does my video need views?
Of course, this is a rhetorical question, but there is a lot behind it.
Whether you want to become an influencer or create a new sales channel for your company. Without views you will not be successful on YouTube.
If you want your content to be among the best videos in your segment and you want to target a large audience, you need to get as many views as possible. The calculation is simple: At the end of the day, when you buy YouTube clicks, you gain more reach and subscribers. Accordingly, better marketing.
Buy YouTube clicks and trick the algorithm
This isn't just a simple purchase of clicks, we go into more detail! Almost 70% of videos on YouTube are only watched because the YouTube algorithm recommends them. This means that if you want more leeway, you absolutely have to enter this recommended area. On the one hand, it depends on your niche market. Most importantly, the number of views determines whether your video is recommended. A notice: The more clicks and views you get on YouTube, the better your video will do in YouTube's algorithm or ranking. You can get more organic coverage without doing anything. This makes you better than the competition.
Buy the benefits of YouTube Views Therefore, many simply decide to buy YouTube clicks. The great advantage of this method is the time saving. You don't need complicated marketing strategies or years of patience. You can start buying YouTube views right away. However, there is one important thing to consider before buying YouTube Views. If you want to buy YouTube clicks, there are many providers. However, many of them are black sheep and they only provide you with clicks and views from fake profiles, usually from click farms in China.
Fake YouTube Views will not have any positive impact on your channel. On the contrary: Generating fake profiles can even harm your account and set you back months. In the worst case, your video or your account will be blocked. with Youboost this won't happen to you. This is a reputable provider who offers you real views.
The advantages for your channel with
you want to Youboost Buy YouTube clicks? Then you will benefit from a multitude of advantages.
your seriousness The more views your YouTube channel has, the more serious and credible your channel will be. They position your channel as attractively as possible and increase your chances of more organic views. After all, videos with more views are more likely to be clicked on than videos with fewer views.
This is why newer channels in particular can benefit from purchased and real YouTube views. When you start over and almost no one is watching your video, it becomes difficult for you to get the target audience to click and watch your video. So buying YouTube clicks will attract some new users to your channel Improved ranking Almost 60% of YouTube viewers use the search box to search for videos instead of going directly to the channel. Therefore, you need to make sure that your video appears when people search for your video in the YouTube search box. If your video gets a lot of views, you'll rank higher in searches on YouTube and Google. Even more subscribers Every YouTube channel wants to get more subscribers. But how will you achieve that goal when only a few hundred people see your content? Buying views, i.e. clicks, allows a wider audience to access your content and increases your chances of getting more subscribers. This is also related to the credibility, attractiveness and social recognition of your channel.
Conclusion on more reach on YouTube
If you don't want to place ads, the "buy YouTube clicks" method works very well, if not better. Unlike the ads, the clicks help them out with the algorithm. YouBoost's service offers them a stepping stone to greater reach.
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