Wie der YouTube-Algorithmus im Jahr 2022 funktioniert

How the YouTube algorithm will work in 2022

A clear understanding of how the YouTube algorithm works is crucial if you, as a marketer, want to increase rankings, attract and retain your target audience. Luckily, unlike other publishing platforms, YouTube has been open about how their algorithm works and it's a straightforward process.

Take a look at how the YouTube algorithm works:

The first thing you need to know is that the YouTube algorithm supports engagements, which means that users need to enjoy the videos they are watching in order to stay longer. So if you hope to be in their good books, you need to produce quality content that will keep your audience engaged.

To find out which videos are keeping users engaged, YouTube tracks users' activities on the platform - from the videos they watch to the time they spend on a particular video, whether they like it, don't like or subscribe to it. Through this method, they can determine which videos are worth staying at the top of searches.

YouTube has five different sections where the algorithm selects the most relevant videos and displays them high up for users. These sections are Search, Trending, Subscriptions, Home, and Featured Videos. Let's look at each of the areas to see how the YouTube algorithm works:



In order to rank high in YouTube video searches, you need to make sure that your title, description, and video content match what the user is looking for, as these are some of the things the algorithm takes into account. Your videos must also be accessible in some way because it also checks how many people watch your videos and compares them to other videos with related topics.


YouTube Trending

The "Trending" section is for new and popular videos. In this section, YouTube takes into account how many views a popular video has and also how fast the YouTube clicks to grow. This ensures that there is a balance between new and popular videos so that the popular videos don't outperform the new ones.

YouTube Subscription

If you have used YouTube, you must have subscribed to one channel or another at one point or another. This subscription is also a determining factor in how high a channel's videos will rank. YouTube measures the number of active subscribers (not viewers) who watched a new video from the subscribed channel immediately after it was published, using a metric called "View Velocity". If the metric keeps increasing, the videos will be ranked high.

Homepage and recommended YouTube videos

Here the algorithm tracks a user's history to know which videos are relevant. Different videos are then displayed on the user's homepage based on how appealing the videos were to other users with similar preferences. The ranking is also based on how many times the user has seen the video or how many subscribers to the channel have viewed the video.

How can you upload your videos to the YouTube Optimize algorithm?

  • Use relevant keywords

Like any other platform, including social media, you need to use the right keywords on YouTube if you want your video or channel to show up in searches at all. Edit your video's title, tag, descriptions, files, thumbnails and transcripts with relevant keyword for optimization.

You can get an idea of the keywords to add by looking at what people typed before they found your channel. Check this through your channel's search report to see what to add to your video's title and description if they aren't already the same. Sometimes you might just need a little editing, but other times you need to create a new video based on the search results.

If you try to add keywords to your title and description, make them clear and easy to understand so people are able to read through and click to watch the video.

Use YouTube Thumbnail

If you many viewers want to get, even before engaging with the video content, you need to use thumbnails. Use a custom thumbnail unique to your channel so users can see a difference from other auto-generated thumbnails.

Translate your YouTube video

It's important to translate your videos into a few other languages, even if you're from an English-speaking country. Not everyone can speak English, but they would probably want to watch your video. Translate your video title and description. As a result, more people will watch your video and it will be eligible for a top ranking.

Remember to use subtitles for viewers who prefer to watch videos without sound. Create and upload your subtitles instead of using auto-generated subtitles.

Convincing video sound

Your content matters. It would be best if you make your video content so captivating that your viewers will watch to the end. When you do the speaking, make sure you sound alive and revel in the fact that you're shooting a video. In addition, your content should offer added value for users.

You can get viewers to stay until the end of the video by saying you have a surprise for them or you have something creative in mind.

Make fewer copies and more YouTube series

Make your videos so that it becomes a series where one thing follows another. You could do this by creating a playlist of videos on a related topic, so users don't feel the need to watch other videos, especially if yours had value.

Include a call to action

Add a call to action at the end of your video, such as: B. subscribing to your channel or the next video. When viewers subscribe to your channel, your chances of appearing in searches increase. They need to get creative and find a way of doing the request that they won't refuse.

Also remember to place the option to receive notifications if they can't be comfortable with subscribing. That way they would be notified whenever you create a new video.

Use YouTube analytics

By monitoring your analytics, you can see what you're doing right and what's wrong. The analysis shows you the best time to post, update videos and the behavioral pattern of your viewers. With their help, you will know what steps to take next.

Keeping these goals in the background of your YouTube content creation and optimization strategy will reward you in the long run. You can also learn how to make money on Youtube here.

Your presence on Youtube not only creates awareness among your audience but also increases yours Google-Rankings.

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