Warum Sie YouTube Views und Likes kaufen sollten

Why you should buy YouTube Views and Likes

Still thinking about if it makes sense Buy Views on YouTube? If so, then you've come to the right place. I know that your desire is to increase the number of viewers on your YouTube channel, get a more even flow of viewers and ultimately have more people subscribing to your channel.

What if I told you that you can achieve all of this by buying views and likes for your existing content? Yes, you read that correctly. Buying from One of the main reasons a new video created by someone who doesn't have many subscribers doesn't trend or get noticed is that it lacks the social proof it takes to convince people of their standard to convince. Social proof in the form of likes, comments, views and subscribers are a number of extremely important metrics on social media. As such, any content that lacks them will likely be rejected or disparaged.

However, buying views and likes gives you the social proof you need to convince people of the quality of your content. Nobody likes to be the first to click on a video or like a page, but when they see others doing it, they want to do it too.

Brings YouTube traffic wherever you want

It's just simple logic that if you buy more views you're just inviting people to "check out the awesome content you've created" and if they like it, they'll surely do whatever you ask of them request them (join your email list, make a purchase, join a team, visit a website, etc.).

The reason many people question the process of buying social media views is the fear that the viewers being bought might not be real people. So if you buy them you will only get more numbers on your side and no real people.

The best way to ensure this doesn't happen is to buy your YouTube views and likes from a trusted and reputable source like Stormviews. They have a good track record of showing channels to real, human audiences and not bots.

Higher rank on YouTube

The quickest way to get your videos in front of creators is to show up in the YouTube search box when they're looking for something. And when it comes to the numbers, you surely want your videos to be found in the search box. According to recent reports, more than 60% of YouTubers search for videos using the search box instead of going directly to a channel.

What's the deal with that Buying more YouTube views and likes to do? Some may wonder! Well, the number of views a channel/video has is one of the most important factors YouTube uses to rank videos. So if your videos get a lot of views, you're more likely to rank higher in searches on both YouTube and Google.

This is because Google uses the YouTube ranked content, and since the number of views and likes are important criteria for YouTube ranking, it makes sense to buy YouTube views from a quality provider like Stormviews.

Get more YouTube subscribers

The goal of every YouTube channel owner is to get more subscribers to their channel. But how do you plan to achieve that when only a few hundred people view your content a year? Buying views and likes not only exposes your channel to a new audience, but also gives your content a chance to be seen by people who actually like those types of videos.

So if you create something you like and you buy clicks to get more attention to it, it's only a matter of time before you start showing the content to people who actually like that type of content, many of whom only too Feel free to subscribe to your channel to get more of this content.

Stay up to date or stay ahead of the competition

Like it or not, many of your competitors are already buying views and likes for their videos. If you don't take the initiative today, your channel will only be at a disadvantage compared to the competition.

However, if you buy views and likes, you level the playing field. And if you're lucky enough to deliver better content than everyone else's, you'll definitely engage more people than them and ultimately get more subscribers to your channel.

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