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Increase your reach with YouTube Video Ads

5 essential tactics

5 billion logged-in viewers visit YouTube every month and spend over an hour a day on this marketing channel.
As a marketer, do you use YouTube to reach the right people? Now that Google allows advertisers to YouTube Ads Targeting directly to YouTube based on entire search history, not just activity, gives advertisers a whole new set of audience signals to build into their strategy.

Reach target groups with image and sound.

The ability to tell a story about a company in both visual and audio makes YouTube a great choice for reaching an audience. Advertisers who use both audio and video in their messaging are more likely to reach and retain audiences.
We already know that users have a lot of control over what they consume online and quickly move on when they lose attention. But when users find something of value, they engage throughout the day.
Regardless of the audience you're trying to reach, people who engage with your brand are now giving more signals about what they intend to do. Using machine learning, Google pulls together seemingly disparate information to create a real-time profile of users. This has shifted the playing field for both AdWords and YouTube video ads.
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Reaching the audience on their mobile devices

More than half of YouTube Views come from mobile devices. For this reason, Google emphasizes the value of a good user experience on a mobile device. Advertisers who may not have considered mobile video ads due to the small screen should now recognize that this is a channel and device that should be integrated into the larger plan.
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Other Channels
The responsive YouTube app, announced in June this year, makes using YouTube even more attractive. The "mobile YouTube app" dynamically adjusts to the size you choose to watch it in. That means if you're watching a vertical, square, or horizontal video, the YouTube player seamlessly adjusts and fills the screen the same way as he should." This provides an enhanced native experience for viewers watching YouTube on a mobile device
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Ad personalization benefits everyone

To this newer way of reaching an audience, Google has responded with changes in its privacy policy, moving from cookies (one computer at a time) to user-centric (follows the user across devices).
"As more YouTube viewers shift to mobile devices, we're making it easier for advertisers to show more relevant and useful ads across all screens," said Diya Jolly, YouTube's director of product management, in a blog post. "Now information from activities associated with users' Google Accounts (like demographic information and past searches) can be used to influence the ads those users see on YouTube."
Of course, users can choose not to have this personalization. Although advertisers cannot control ad personalization, knowing that it is available on the user side means that the ads are being served to an interested audience. When it comes to paying for ads, it's good for advertisers to know that the people they're reaching have an intent to buy rather than a passive interest.

Audience options for video ads

These online activity signals work together as part of Google's audience solutions, which include:
  • Affinity and In-Market: This isn't a new targeting method, but it's become even more powerful with signals from Search, Maps, and the entire Display Network.
  • Life Events: A new solution that reaches people during milestones, such as getting married or graduating from college. It goes beyond what is of interest to what is happening in their lives at this moment. A great way for advertisers to showcase their brand.
  • Consumer patterns: Also new is the search for patterns, e.g. B. frequent purchases or people who regularly go to restaurants.
These features, discussed at Google Marketing Next, are eagerly awaited by all advertisers and are rolling out to everyone. Advertisers already have access to standard Affinity Audiences and Consumer Patterns in YouTube's video targeting tab. (Note that Consumer Patterns is part of Affinity Audiences and advertisers must search through them to select a Consumer Pattern). Life Events are not yet available on YouTube.

Audience attention with video ads

It's great to reach an audience through targeting options and personalizing their ad experience (if they choose to share that information), but if they're skipping video ads, then none of that prior effort makes a difference in revenue.
For in-stream video ads, only 50% of the ad's pixels need to be visible in the browser window for 2 consecutive seconds to be considered viewable. This metric is a little daunting. Just 2 seconds before a video ad counts as seen by users? But compare this to a TV commercial. That's when people head to the kitchen for another drink, flip through a magazine, or hit the mute button, blocking out a message the advertiser has spent thousands on! The difference with YouTube is that people go there on purpose.
And with the skippable video format, people have the choice to view the advertiser's message. To reach people with a particularly short attention span, the 6-second video bumper ad is another option. While it's hard to believe that a brand can get its message across in such a short amount of time, TIDE has done just that. The company released a humorous video depicting the modern family. (You can see the short clip below).
As you explore YouTube's different options, keep your specific audiences in mind. You want to know how many people were reached, what percentage of a video was watched and what percentage of video views were viewable. With the help of Supermetrics, you can report this data from both Google Analytics and AdWords.
Analytics and reports are crucial as they help you determine if a video campaign was successful and if you presented attention-grabbing ads that keep people interested. With Supermetrics, you can combine YouTube data with metrics from other data sources (e.g. payment platforms and social networks) to see the big picture of your marketing efforts and easily create reports in Google Sheets and Google Data Studio.
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Next Steps

Decide whether you want to broaden your reach to a broader group or narrow it down to a specific audience, and choose the right targeting method for your goal.
Develop a creative concept that conveys your message and keeps users' attention. As with all marketing channels, measurement and optimization is an ongoing process. So you need a plan to monitor the performance of your YouTube Campaign to measure once you start them and to make changes along the way.
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