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The tactics to get top results from your YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO is a little different from regular SEO. Because of this, it may take a while for you to get used to it.

If you get the term THIS hear, many people think of Google. The reason is simple - Google is the most powerful search engine. Because of this, hundreds or even thousands of marketers use it in their marketing efforts.
However, just because Google is the largest and most popular search engine doesn't mean you can't use other search engines in your marketing efforts. And while it's true that no search engine can match Google's size and reach, there are some that can match its usefulness.
While it is true that the other search engines on the web are not as popular as Google. But by tapping into other search engines, you can improve your search exposure and conversions.
Even search engines that are not as popular as Google can fill certain roles. For example, you can reach an audience that isn't on Google by doing Bing SEO. That's partly why creators buy YouTube views to reach their audience.
The bottom line is, when you ignore other search engines, you ignore an audience base that you can't reach on Google. This is especially true for a video search engine.
YouTube is the largest search engine for videos. The platform works like Google, with a search bar that people can use to search for video content. But since YouTube is its own search engine, it has its own SEO practices.
Also, YouTube SEO is a little different from regular SEO. Because of this, it may take a while to get used to.
Luckily, there are tactics you can use to gain visibility on the video sharing platform.

The best tactics for your YouTube SEO

Find the right keywords for your videos
The keywords you need to use on YouTube are a little different than the keywords that show up on search engines like Google and Bing. e.g. B. You will often see YouTube keywords that start with "how to".
Brian Dean, an SEO expert who founded the Backlinko blog and YouTube channel, recommends that you use Google to search for different keywords in your niche. Check if any of these keywords return video results. For example, if you search using the keywords "how to make italian spaghetti" you will see a lot of video results and at least one of them is from YouTube.
Also, you can use tools like Ubersuggest to see the number of monthly searches your chosen keywords are getting.
Ubersuggest is pretty easy to use. First enter your keyword and then click "Search". Next, click on the "Keyword Ideas" option located on the left sidebar. This will bring up the keyword results that you should check. Choose video keywords that have a few hundred monthly searches.
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Optimize the title of your video

You always optimize the titles of your blog posts. The same goes for YouTube. You must include your focus keyword in the title of your video. Also, your video title should tell people what problem your content will solve.

Optimize your video tags

Tagging is one of the most useful features YouTube has. It allows you to add relevant keywords that will help your video content get more YouTube Views to obtain or to buy.
One thing to keep in mind is that you must use tags that are relevant to your topic. Also, this is the right opportunity for you to use LSI keywords related to your focus keyword. While using tags is useful, it's important not to use too many. About 10 to 12 tags should be sufficient.

Ask people to leave a comment after watching your video

If your videos receive a significant number of comments, then YouTube perceives your videos as popular.
Similar to Google, which is the parent company of the video platform, YouTube prioritizes videos that are popular. In fact, comments are one of the metrics used to figure out what type of content people enjoy the most. Because of this, it would be a good idea to end your videos with a question or discussion for your viewers to talk about in the comments section.

Prompt people to subscribe

The number of subscribers a channel has is a big deal on YouTube. Your subscriber count is one of the factors that YouTube's algorithm uses to rank your videos.
It's true that linking to or commenting on video content is a one-time action. However, if you get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, it means they watch your content regularly.
For YouTube, the number of subscribers you have is a big factor that reflects the value you offer.
Many YouTubers encourage their viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to a post. However, if you prioritize any of these metrics, your focus should be on driving subscriptions.
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Improve your production value

Just like regular SEO best practices, YouTube SEO requires a big quality component.
SEO is essentially user optimization. That's why it's important to increase the quality of your videos if you want your viewers to stay on your YouTube channel. In addition, increasing the quality of your videos will increase search performance.
However, that doesn't mean you need a professional studio setup. You can use smartphones that have excellent cameras and video recording capabilities. It will also be better to invest in a cell phone tripod to ensure your videos are not shaky.

Create an attention-grabbing thumbnail

Aside from your subscribers and the comments on your videos, your thumbnail has a huge impact on your SEO.
If you have a good thumbnail, you will get more clicks. And that means better SEO. Therefore, make sure your thumbnail stands out from those of your competitors. Also, it should be able to tell your viewers what your video is about.
Many viewers will click on a video just because they see the thumbnail. So make sure your thumbnail grabs the attention of your audience.
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